Privacy policy

Personal Information Security

As we aim for the trusted medical service, we continuously do our very best to offer high quality medication to all of our patients. We also give our deepest concern to protect our patient's personal information in an appropriate manners. Therefore with the regulations on Personal Information stated below, we endeavor to execute them accurately.

  • 1. Gathering Personal Information
    We gather information within the scope of which the patient's illness is concerned (Reference for having a medication).

  • 2. Use of Personal Information
    The personal information are to be used as a reference with appropriate objectives and will not let it go off the limit of its scopes except for the following:

    -if there is a consent of the patient

    -if there is a **special concern and the provided informations are not enough for the reference

    -if it is legally demanded by certain authority to provide the information

    The hospital will not permit to let out patient's information to the **third party unless it is legally demanded by certain authority.

    *special concern-if there is a problem in identifying the specific details of a person
    *third party- means a person or a group of person who are either does not have concern in the hospital or unfamiliar with the patient

  • 3. Proper Management of Personal Information
    The hospital keeps all information just as they were gathered and all the way prevent them from illegal access, leakage, loss, or revision.

  • 4. Validity of Information, Correction
    If there is a request from a patient to disclose and confirm his/her personal information, the hospital will promptly respond according to the guiding principles on personal data. In addition, if there are some corrections regarding on the personal information, it will be examined and be corrected appropriately.

  • 5. Information Counter
    If there are questions regarding on Personal Information Security Policy, you may proceed to the counter at 1st floor ""New Comers"".

  • 6. Observance of the Law and Reform of the Structures of Personal Information Security
    Upon reviewing and observing the Personal Information Security Policy based on the laws of the country, of the Department of Health, of Medicinal fields and other standard norms, we aim to continually revise the structures to have better safeguarding of all personal informations.

Hospital's Basis on Using Personal Information

The hospital have much concern and is cautious on using personal information. Following are the basis on using personal records:

  • 1. to provide information for the medical assistance
    - medical assistance service

    - for other hospitals

    - Physical Check-up places

    - Maternity Hospital

    - Pharmacy

    - Nursing Station, and when coordinating with the nursing station agents

    - Recommendation from other clinics and hospitals

    - For patient's medical treatment process

    - Doctor's opinions and advices

    - Examination of a specimen

    - For Informing the family

    - And other patient- related reasons

  • 2. For assessing the patient's hospital expenses
    - Medical expenses

    - Nursing expenses

    - Accident insurance

    - Processing for Public-funded health care

    - Prescriptions

    - References for health insurance

    - Others which related to assessing medical expenses

  • 3. For Hospital Management Operations
    - Payments, accounting

    - Medical accidents

    - Patient's improvement during the treatment

    - Room information upon confinement or upon leaving

    - Other hospital-related matters

  • 4. For processing the medical records / check-up results of the members of a particular company or institution by which the medical check-ups were done outside the hospital upon permission

  • 5. For processing Medical Professional Liability Insurance, when having discussions with the person-in-charge from health insurance or other medical experts

  • 6. For reviewing or updating the medical records of a patient
  • 7. For aid or reference in various medical practices
  • 8. For case studies in order to improve the quality of the medical assistance
  • 9. For registration of a cancer patient in town's designated cancer hospitals and providing the other related information
  • 10. For assisting other medical organizations

Aside from the statements above, if there are other questions and clarifications regarding on medical services, please feel free to ask them on the information counter. If there is none, it is considered understood and accepted. There might be changes or revisions after sometime.