About Inpatients


  • Usually, patients are hospitalized in the afternoon, and leave in the morning.
  • After hospitalization decided, please receive an admission certification, Guide of Hospitalization,(and a document of reducing hospitalization charge which is applicable for Japanese Health Insurance holders only) at the outpatient's reception.


  • Medicines you are taking now with your pharmaceutical record or prescription for the full period.
  • Your health insurance card, hospital ID card, admission certification, Guide of Hospitalization, any kind of medical care certificate (if applicable), and pacemaker pocketbook(if applicable)
  • Daily necessaries: toiletries(toothbrush・soap・hairbrush・shampoo・shaver): cutlery (chopsticks, spoon, fork, cup, glass{for rinsing mouth}): others(box tissue paper, pajamas, towels, clothing, slippers, earphones)


  • Follow the instructions from the doctors, nurses, and other medical staff.
  • Take a permission from your doctor, and keep your permission certificate, for exercising, smoking, bathing, and sign-out or overnight-leave.
  • Smoking is prohibited at all of our site and in taking alcohol is not permitted during your stay.
  • Calling by mobiles available only at staircase rooms, elevator halls for the upper floors, and Day rooms.
  • Do not bring knives and any dangerous in.

During hospitalization

  • Time to get up 6:00am/ Lights-out 10:00pm
  • Suppling Breakfast 8:00am~ Lunch 12:00nn~ Evening meal 6:00pm~
  • To watch TV equipped , please buy a prepaid card at the Day Rooms at each floor. 19h30mins. / ¥1,000.
    Please put an earphone on if you belong in a large room.
  • Wash your cloths at home, or use the coin laundry and dryer in the hospital.
  • Bathing date is apportioned among the ward. Follow your doctor's instruction when you take a bath.
  • Ask who is in charge at the ward if you want to use a PC/ Tablet.
  • Open the curtains at the room during the day as possible.

Kiosk / Shopping

  • Seven Eleven (south entrance, 1F)(Open : weekday7:00am~8:00pm weekend/holiday: 8:00am~6:00pm)

Visiting hours

  • 1:00pm~8:00pm (Everyday)


  • Pay all your charge on your leaving day with cash or credit card. For mid night hospitalization or an early morning leave, the hospital may charge and calculate your room for one day.
  • Payment by cash / IC Card, Credit Card, Debit Card, Shinhan Card, KB Kookmin Card are done in the payment counter.


  • Make your translating arrangement by yourself, basically.
  • Bring documents of the medical certificate for your life insurance, when you get hospitalized, if you need.
  • If you use the traveler's insurance you applied, contact the agent by yourself quickly.

Regarding on Hospital Rooms

  • There are wards and private rooms for the patients. Wifi connections are being prepared for private rooms. (with charges)


  • For those who need translators, there are some hired translators who could serve only for extreme cases in the hospital. Personal arrangements are needed for those who are in need of translators most of their time in the hospital.