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Message from President

Message from President

Since its inception as a clinic in 1919 in the district of Tenjin, Saiseikai Fukuoka General Hospital has conducted community-based healthcare and welfare activities as one of the leading medical institutions with a long history of service in Fukuoka.

As stated in our hospital outline, our founding organization, Saiseikai, was established by an imperial rescript of Emperor Meiji with the aim of “offering a helping hand to people who live in poverty.” Throughout its history, Saiseikai Fukuoka General Hospital has devoted itself to “offering a helping hand” to people in need through various initiatives. Specifically, our predecessors at the hospital offered free healthcare services to those living in poverty. During the days following the end of World War II, we provided medical care for institutions accommodating war orphans and repatriates. In the ensuing years, we also started seeing patients living in doctorless areas and remote islands in Fukuoka.

Today, the Fukuoka and Itoshima Secondary Medical Area in which our hospital operates has one of the best healthcare delivery systems in Japan. Moreover, thanks to various government measures, we have fewer and fewer doctorless areas. Against this background, the role our hospital is expected to play is changing rapidly.

In line with our basic principle of “creating a hospital that is deeply trusted by local citizens and medical professionals and that gives them genuine satisfaction,” we pursue the following four basic goals: “In the spirit of ‘Saisei’ (Saving Lives), we provide high-quality and safe medical care,” “We enhance our emergency medical care,” “We promote highly specialized medical care,” and “ We ensure stronger partnerships among local medical providers. Toward these goals, we operate our emergency care unit as a tertiary emergency medical institution, strengthen the cooperation among medical providers as a hospital supporting community healthcare, and enhance cancer care systems as a Cancer Treatment Affiliate Activity Base Hospital.

We believe that all these efforts to contribute to the local community and save lives constitute “Saisei” in today’s context.
As times change, we will continue to provide community-based medical care in a way that best answers the needs of the local citizens and society.

Hiroshi Matsuura, M.D., Ph.D.
Saiseikai Fukuoka General Hospital

Summary of Hospital's Information

Number of beds: 380
Emergency Room 50 beds, SCU (Stroke Treatment Unit) 9 beds, HCU 16 beds

Internal Medicine, Respiratory Medicine, Gastroenterological Medicine, Cardiovascular Medicine, Neurology, Psychosomatic Medicine, Psychiatry, Urology, Surgery, Respiratory Surgery, Gastroenterological Surgery, Vascular Surgery, Cardiovascular Surgery, Neurosurgery, Mammary Gland Surgery, Orthopedic Surgery, Plastic Surgery, Gynecology, Ophthalmology, Otorhinolaryngology, Cephalocervical Surgery, Radiology, Anesthesiology, Pathological Diagnostics, Emergency Care Unit, Kidney Center, Cancer Treatment Center, General Medicine for Outpatients, Endoscope Room, Medical Check-up Center

Number of employees: 954
Medical Doctors 144, Nurses 502, Medical Technologists 129, Pharmacists 25, Clinical Laboratory Technologists 34, Radiation Technologists 25, Physical Therapists 12, Occupational Therapists 4, Speech Therapists 3, Registered Dieticians 6, Clinical Engineers 15, Dental Hygienist 1, Orthoptists 2, Clinical Psychologists 2, Clerical Staff Members 111 (including 8 Medical Social Workers)

Main facilities
320-Multi Slice CT, 80-Multi Slice CT, MRI, RI, Mammography Digital Gamma Camera, Linac Equipment (radiotherapy equipment), Dual X-Ray Absorptiometry, Multi Color Laser, Digital Sabtraction Angiography (for heart, head, and abdomen), Digital X-ray viewing system, Energy Dispersive X-ray Spectrometry, Cardiopulmonary Device, Intra-Aortic Balloon Pumping Device, Catheter Ablation Device, Leica Microsystems, Navigation Systems, Eye Operating Device, Endoscopy, Ultrasonography, Biochemical Automatic Analysis Device, High Performance Liquid Chromatography

To the patients living abroad


Saiseikai Fukuoka General Hospital is a member of Japan International Hospitals (JIH) certified by Medical Excellence Japan (MEJ). If you want to receive medical care and treatment in Japan, please go to the website of JIH.The website provides the list of recommended hospitals and information about clinical service.

Japan International Hospitals (JIH)

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