Access Map

Access Information

  • - Nishitetsu Omuta Line: Get off at (Fukuoka)Tenjin Station, three-minute walk
  • - Subway Airport Line: Get off at Tenjin Station, five-minute walk
  • - Subway Nanakuma Line: Get off at Tenjin Minami Station, no.5 exit gate, one-minute walk
  • - Nishitetsu City Bus: Get off at Tenjin Station, five-minute walk
  • - From JR Hakata Station, use the Subway Train and get off at Tenjin Station (around 6 minutes from Hakata Station)
  • - From JR Hakata Station, it will take around 10 minutes by car to Tenjin
  • - From Fukuoka Airport, it will take 11 minutes by Subway train going to Tenjin Station
  • - From Fukuoka Airport, it will take 20 minutes by car going to Tenjin Station

By using a car
For the car which will pass through city highway, exit at Tenjin Kita Lampu then go straight through Watanabe Road. Turn left at Watanabe Dori 4-Chome intersection, then turn left at Sankobashi intersection. Be aware that there might be a heavy traffic at central part of Tenjin. The parking space of the hospital is limited so you may use also the toll parking lot near the area.

About the multi-storey car park

  • Parking Restrictions: there are restrictions on using the hospital's multi-storey parking (height 1,500mm, length 4,950mm, width 1,750mm)
  • Parking Time: 8:00-20:00
  • There is no parking attendant from 20:00-8:00 AM therefore it cannot be parked overnight.
  • Please leave the parking area before 19:50 to avoid getting jammed.

About Parking

Parking Fee

  • Regular charge (for visitors, chaperon for surgery, and others) :
    400 Yen per hour and 200 Yen per 30 minutes after an hour

Discounted Charge (for the chaperon of those who will be confined, who will have medical check-up, who will get their medical certificates and other documents): 50% off of the regular price until 3hours, 200 Yen per 30 minutes after 3 hours
*fees are based from the parking charges of other parking lots near the area

Parking Discount

  • -Get your parking ticket sealed when medical processes are done. (On Sundays and holidays, proceed to the counter opens during holidays)
  • -chaperon and visitors who stay long in the hospital are not included to gain discount

Upon paying the parking fee

  • -Be sure to process your parking ticket for a discount before inserting it to the ticket machine.
  • -Only coins and 1000 Yen bill are accepted in the machine.